How To Build A Windmill

Published: 14th May 2010
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A windmill is a device employed to alter wind power to workable power via the employing of a rotary motion and changeable vanes or sails. Windmills were originally utilized for grinding grain however, as people have changed to more concerned with preserving nature and discovering reservoirs of environmentally friendly energy, windmills have increased in fame.

You probably think constructing a windmill of your own is too pricey but you have nothing to be concerned about since you can assemble a windmill yourself for approximately $200 and the long term savings a windmill will offer you will be well worth it. So if you are curious about building a windmill of your own here are a couple tips for constructing a windmill about 5 feet tall.

Required Tools




Required Materials

cement and sandbags

Plastic PVC pipes

Nuts and bolts


A generator


A mounting

Batteries and an electronic control system

2x4 board


Heavy sheet aluminum


As with a great deal of other things you can procure windmill plans or kits to reduce your work. The plans will give you step by step procedures for assembling a windmill and will include a exhaustive database of needed tools to construct a windmill. A windmill kit will include plans as well as all the materials you require to make the windmill so you will require nothing but a couple tools. If however, you opt to make a windmill with no additional aid then here is what you need to do.

Let’s begin with the generator; some people choose to build their own generator however, an easier option is to purchase a permanent magnet DC motor. You need a motor which will create good current at a low rpm level; a 30 volt motor rated at 325 rpm should produce around 12 volts thus a motor like this would be perfect.

For sails/blades you may buy pre-made blades or make blades out of wood, aluminum or PVC pipe. To see just how you have to cut the PVC pipes visit one of the websites on the internet like that will give you in depth instructions on what to do. Once you have cut out your blades using a saw, use the sander to smooth the edges of the blades to make them even more effective.

You will need a hub to bolt the blades to and to secure the motor to, just about any flat disk about 5 inches in diameter will do. Drill 2 holes, one below the other through the blades and drill matching holes through the hub, next use the nuts and bolts to fix the sails to the hub.

The windmill piece is now complete but you need a mount to attach it to. Strap the motor to one end of the piece of 2x4 board and use a piece of PVC pipe to shield the motor so it is sheltered from rain. Finally attach the heavy sheet aluminum to the opposite end of the 2x4 board to act as a tail for the windmill.

For a tower use a PVC or aluminum pipe; bury it in the ground and concrete it into position, use sandbags to moreover fix the tower in place and then put the windmill onto the tower.

Buy a wind power control system for moving energy from the windmill to the batteries, from any Alternative Energy store. You need electrical cables to link the windmill to the power control; run the cables from the windmill down through the tower and join it to the power controller. Now it’s time to try out your windmill.


Remember that the taller a windmill is the more wind it will catch. As such you want your windmill to be above any potential hindrance.

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